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"an innovative start-up for the data driven digital transformation"

Intuere Technologies is a start-up based in Venice that focuses its action on the four main aspects of the infosphere: data, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and independent scientific research. Our project consists of designing and developing an innovative technological platform by which we can extract a set of insights enabling us, on the one hand, to deploy effective analytical and predictive models and, on the other, to provide managers, executives, and entrepreneurs with several fundamental advanced tools devoted to helping them in decision making. Of course, this is not enough for us. We are fully aware that we are living in an age of constant transformation and thus that it is necessary to offer to our customers cutting-edge support to face the new challenges of our times. Therefore, we have designed a set of technological services, covering all aspects of business digitalisation. We take care of business processes engineering, facilitating the transition from traditional practices to new models optimised with the latest technologies. Furthermore, we help our customers in choosing and setting up the most suitable erp systems, to keep track of their activities, and in designing their websites, social media and apps, boosting up their on-line reputation and sales.

"research, management, technology, innovation: a young team with hybrid skills to master complexity"

Strength points of Intuere are the skills we share with our customers. We believe that the frontiers opened by contemporary digital technologies โ€“ in particular the possibility of gaining value from data through artificial intelligence โ€“ represent, on the one hand, a driving force for an outstanding growth and, on the other, the origin of a rising multiplicity of complex phenomena, whose understanding demand more than the traditional conceptual tools. For this reason, we have collected a wide range of abilities and experiences in a team made up of young people who, nonetheless, have already gained relevant knowledges and experiences, both in Academia and in Industry, whose backgrounds range from logic to economics, from computer sciences to ethics and sustainability, from engineering to management. A hybrid set, essential to lead companies through the multiple faces of the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.




Via delle Industrie, 15

30175 - Venice (ITALY)